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Hexagram 29: The Abysmal (Water)

Question: How will my project turn out?
Answer: Hexagram 29, unchanging

The project was a disaster. The conditions were indeed abysmal - it was a technical job and none of the equipment worked properly. Although I felt I was making some contribution, it was a financial disaster and I ended it shortly thereafter.


Question: What will happen if I go north this weekend?

Answer: Hexagram 29, changing at line 1 to Hexagram 60

I had plans to drive 6 hours north by myself to see my boyfriend this past weekend. I asked the I Ching, "What will happen if I go north this weekend?", and I was dismayed to receive 29: The Abysmal, changing to 60: Limitations.

I tried to find the good in this hexagram, but it does seem to be the most obvious sign of danger of all 64 hexagrams. 29 talks about the nature of water, and how it molds to the shape of whatever container it is in. "Water flows on without holding back." It also talks about darkness, danger, and misfortune. In fact, the first line changing indicates double-danger, falling into a pit within a pit. This is indeed a very bad situation.

Continued with Hexagram 60