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Hexagram 38: Opposition

An artist asked me about her frog collection painting game of Tarot. New tool for divination. I was so shocked! I found this totally disrespectful and inappropriate. My answer was only : Please don't play with that, you are talking with God. Well after that, she insulted me as closed-minded, stupid, unbearable and wrote many accusations like this. What to do? I don't know her that well, can I explain to her that I've been using the tarot and other methods of divination for more than 20 years? That I have learned so much through this? Well, I asked the Yi Jing for advice and the answer was Li/Tui only made with 7 and 8 [ie with only unchanging lines]. This was #38. The fire and the lake. The big sister and the small one. Two really different beings. In this text we find that the opposition between Hearth and Heaven, mind and nature, man and wife realized by their balance the creation or the birth of life. The opposite side of this is chaos, destruction, unbalance, given by the six or nine [moving lines]. Continuing the conversation with this young wife was producing chaos. Not answering would give the birth of light and the comfort of brightness.

Brigitte Maurey

Question: Should I forget about continuing with these discussion boards?

Answer: Hexagram 38 changing at line 2 to Hexagram 21, Biting Through

I found Clarity, a wonderful wonderful place to discuss the I Ching. But when I started to post messages, I felt ignored. Nobody welcomed me or even responded to me (boohoo) ...but I did feel bad and considered not trying to be part of it anymore. I asked about this, and the yi told me 38, line 2...

On one site/interpretation , the title of this hex was "Looking Askance".....that was exactly how I felt people were "looking" at me on the boards! But line 2 said I would meet a friend in a "narrow street."

Lo and behold , someone wrote to me on the side, privately. She said she liked my posts and hoped I would keep writing.I was so delighted. And we became good friends over time and have shared a private correspondence, encouraging each other to keep writing on the boards as well.

I was glad I kept "biting through" when I felt like leaving, because this friend is dear to me, and I worked through my some of my fears, and sensitivity, of being "ignored" at Clarity ...it has proved to be a discussion board I love to read and contribute to.